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It's about LDR fighters world. Xoxo.
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I've been through this status (as an LDR fighter) for almost 3 years. I'm not only have a long distance relationship with my husband, but also with my parents, and my only one brother. Sometimes it becomes difficult when homesickness began to emerge. It feels like so empty inside the heart, tired, and wanna jump to the bed all day long (we can remove any feeling by sleeping, right?).

But, Thanks God, i have to go home more often than before recently. Yuhuuu. Not only for my personal business but also for business trip. So, how do i reach my home? It's 706 km away (from Purwakarta, West Java to Surabaya, East Java). There are 4 (four) way to be home ;

1. Board The Plane in Soekarno - Hatta Airport, Tangerang - Banten

Board the plane is always be most comfortable public transportation. But it become the most expensive for me. Hha. It Cost Rp 450.000 - Rp 700.000  (34 USD - 53 USD). Pardon me for become too honest. And to reach Soekarno - Hatta Airport i have to take a bus (Damri - State Corporation Bus) from Purwakarta to Tangerang. It's not difficult to get this bus, it available every hour and i just need to walk about 100 m from my boarding house to take the bus. Bus ticket is about Rp 65.000 (4,92 USD). But, the weakness of this choice is because it takes at least 2.5 hours. And it could becoming so loooong journey if there is toll roads repair. How long? 5 to 7.5 hours. Just like a recent months.  After take that long journey, i can fly to Surabaya for 1.5 hour.

2. Board The Plane in  Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung - West Java

Just like the first choice, it would be a comfortable journey. But, flight ticket is more expensive than flight ticket from Soekarno - Hatta Airport. It cost Rp 540.000 - Rp 2.500.000 (40.9 USD - 189.4 USD). And the schedule is limited. How to get this airport? First, take a big car - public transportation, it cost Rp 30.000 (2.27 USD) and it takes 2 - 3 hours. Second, i need to take a smaller car (we called it angkot), it cost Rp 5.000 (0.38 USD) and it takes 20 minute.  And then i can fly to Surabaya for 1.5 hour.

3. Ride Bus From Cikopo - CIkampek

Another way to reach Surabaya is ride a public bus. I can't ride it from my boarding house. I have to ride public car (angkot) to Cikopo. It's about 30 - 60 minute and costs Rp 10.000 (0.76 USD). After that, i could ride the public bus, but i have to stay inside the bus for ± 15 hours. Such a long journey, right? And it could be more longer if there is accident, roads repair, etc. Yapp, i could be 24 hours inside the bus. Wooow. Bus ticket is Rp 280.000 - Rp 300.000 (21.1 USD - 22.7 USD). 

4. Take The Train in Purwakarta Station, Purwakarta - West Java

This is the choice that has the shortest way to get the main transportation. Take the train. I just need to ride public car (angkot) for 10 minute and cost only Rp 5.000 (0.38 USD). Then i can get the train which is cost Rp 150.000 - Rp 465.000 (11.4 USD - 35.2 USD). But, almost same with the bus, i have to made my self calm and enjoy sitting for 10.5 hours. It's only have one departure schedule, at 11 pm. It doesn't matter cause i'm off from work at 4 pm. And the strength of this choice against public bus is you can walk around the train if you are getting bored.

Look at this picture to make the comparison easier. ^.^

Travel Transport Comparison from Purwakarta to Surabaya

So, from that comparison, I choose the cheapest and easiest to get : Take The Train. Hhi.

But, I have a new problem. It's a big problem for me cause it could make me stay awake all night long in train. What's that? I can't endure the cold. The air conditioner (AC) is my only one enemy in train. Hhu. The cold feels like stab my bones constantly. 

Am i remain silent facing this problem? Of course not. I have my magical TOOTW (Travelling Outfit of The Weekend). Actually i can wear it whenever i want but i usually wear it on the weekend. I'm going home on the weekend. ^.^

First, don't laugh at me. Some friends already told me that i look like a girl who want to go north pole. I just try to be honest and kindly share my best travelling outfit ever. It's so damn comfortable to fight against train air conditioner. I can lay comfortably when the other is cold and start to panic. Xoxo.

What's clothes I wear ?
1. My Father's Oversized Jacket
I'm not kidding, it's his jacket. He bought it about 11 (eleven) years ago when he went to Hajj because there were winter in Saudi Arabia. This jacket is so thick, i don't what kind of fabric it's used but there is dacron inside this jacket.
But, the only one problem is the size. My father has a big fat body and belly. It's about 1.5 times the size of my jacket. If i have baby, she or he can hide inside the jacket with me. Hahaha. Because of this problem too, some people look at me with a laser eyes (scary eyes). Maybe I look weird (or it's weird?).
2. The Double of Sweatpants and Jeans
I don't just wear 1 (one) pant, but 2 (two) at the same time. I wear jeans pant inside and sweatpants outside. I must be fair on my feet too.
3. A Pair of Flat Shoes
I choose flat shoes so I can easily remove it when I want to lift my feet up on a chair.
4. A Pair of Thick Socks
5. An Easy to Wear Veil

Not only clothes, i always take some chocolate, candy, tea, mineral water, notebook and some pencil, handphone, charger, earphone, and of course tissue (i can't live without tissue).

So, that's my tips. Maybe can be useful for you. And as a bonus, i give you this quote.

This quote has no effect on me, maybe to you

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