Install Manual Add-on Firebug on Firefox

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Hey! Here I want to show you simple steps for manually install Firebug Add-on in Firefox.
Why should be manually? You will need this way if you have two PC / Laptop and one of them doesn't have Internet Connection. Well, here we go :

First, you have to visit Firebug homepage or go to Mozilla Firefox Add-on page, and search for Firebug Extension. View image below :
Firebug Add-on for Firefox
Firebug Add-on for Firefox
Right click on the green button (+ Add to Firefox) - Choose Save Link As... Then save / download the file (this is "*.xpi" file) of Firebug extension to your hard drive. Now you have the Firebug extension file. Well, download Firebug extension manually success, go to the next step.

There are several ways to install manually Firebug extension in your Firefox Browser, and I think the simple way for install this extension, just with drag and drop. Take a look for the steps :
  1. Open your Firefox browser.
  2. Browse where the Firebug extension file (eg. firebug.xpi) you saved before.
  3. Click the file, drag it and drop it into your Firefox browser.
  4. Wait until installation dialog box appears.
  5. Install it.
The second way to install Firebug extension into your Firefox browser is :
  1. Open your Firefox browser.
  2. Go to Tools - Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A).
  3. There is gears button at the right top of the Add-ons page, clik and choose Install Add-on from file.
  4. Browse and choose your Firebug extension file.
  5. And wait until installation box appears then Install it.
Well Done :)

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