The Trolls, Secret Recipe of Happiness

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Eat Trolls can makes you happy.

Monday means a lot of paperwork, a lot of meeting, and maybe meet an annoying boss. Hhi. So i hate Monday the most. Just like wise people said, "It always hard to take the first step." Maybe that's why almost all worker hate Monday. Just because it's the first step to start some routine activity. If workday start Wednesday, maybe we will hate Wednesday just like how we hate Monday, right?

So, will you let this hatred stay throughout the week? I don't. I have a secret recipe to find your happiness quickly. Eat The Trolls!

What is Trolls?

Trolls is an 3D musical animation film produced by Dreamworks Animation. It made based on Trolls doll which created by Thomas Dam. It premiered on October 8, 2016 at The BFI London Film Festival. So, you can say that i recommend you to watch an old film. Old but not stale film. Why i can say that?

First, this cute film directed by super talented director named Mike Mitchell. As all we already know, Mike also directed
Shrek Forever After. Second, this film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song for Can't Stop The Feeling. Third, it got the second place in box office after Doctor Strange. Fourth, from a financial point of view, this film make a good record. wrote that it grossed $344 million worldwide against its $125 million budget. Such a good return on investment right?

I make it clearly, Eat Trolls = Watch Trolls Film. ^.^

How about the cast?

This film has Anna Kendrick as an female leading role voice over. Anna who was born in 1985 is an American actress and singer. She began her career in 1998 as a child actress in theater productions. She has continued to improve her acting skill. In 2012, she gained great fame for her successful leading role in Perfect Pitch film. And even they make sequel film in 2015. In Trolls, she take part as Princess Poppy. A cute princess who love sing, dance, and crafting. 
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For a male leading role voice over, they choose Justin Timberlake. Who doesn't know Justin Timberlake? This American singer, song writer, actor, and record producer took a part as Branch. Troll boy who always glum because he lost his grandmother as a child, paranoid, and actually the secret admiree of Princess Poppy.

Not only that, for antagonist role voice over, they took Christopher Mintz-Plasse. An American actor and musician who take a role as Chris D'Amico in Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2. He take a part as Prince Gristle, the next king of The Bergen.
Complete Cast of Trolls Film
How about the story?

Once upon a time in a happy tree, lives the happiest creature in the world, The Trolls. Their life is fulled with singing, dancing, and hugging. This mini creature will start to singing and dancing when they find something new, something interesting, or even in the scary scene of their life. So, you can say that their life looks like a musical drama. And you have to know that their wise king, King Peppy, makes a policy to hugging every hours. Such a cute policy right?

In that forest also live The Bergen. A Miserable creature that having no idea about happiness. They don't know how to sing and dance, how to smile, how to laugh, and how to make a joke. Their live full with sadness and anger. Poor them.

One day, a Bergen find The Trolls. When Bergen see how happy The Trolls is, they want to feel the happiness too. So they decide to eat The Trolls. It make their happiness growing up instantly. With this believe, they make a special day every year to gather in Trolls Tree and eat The Trolls. It called Trollstice.

After a few years, special Trollstice held to let the Prince Gristle (The Bergen's Crown Prince) eat The Trolls for the first time. He became so excited. But when Prince Gristle eat the most cheerful Trolls, Princess Poppy, the taste is weird so he throw it up again. Surprise! It a wooden doll that similiar to Princess Poppy. The Trolls already run away to a new place and no one left.

20 years later, Princess Poppy has grown into a cheerful, optimistic, and cute girl. She loves crafting, telling story, singing, dancing, and of course hugging. But among all The Trolls, there is one troll that always sad, apathetic, and worry about his safety. His name is Branch. He lives lonely in his safe house. Why it called safe house? Because in Branch's house, there is a lot of trap for The Bergen and it also equipped with enough food for him to live for 10 years. So if The Bergens start an attack, he could hide in his house without fear to starvation. Mm, maybe we could say that his house is design to be a bunker. 

Princess Poppy and Branch in Branch House
One day, to celebrate Trolls runaway, Princess Poppy held the biggest Trolls party ever. There is a lot of fireworks, up beat song, beautiful dance, and a lot of happiness. But who knows it will be invite the Bergen's threat to them?

When they were partying, a Bergen heard the song and saw the beautiful fireworks. She began running to find the Trolls. It didn't need a lot of time to find Trolls. Trolls run as fast as they can, but unfortunately some of Princess Poppy's friend catched. 

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After The Bergen left that party field, Princess Poppy gathered all the survivors. She asked Branch to hide them in his safe house. He refused to do that. But, all the survivors suddenly appeared and filled his home. After that, Princess Poppy felt guilty cause she was the main initiator of the party. And she decide to took the responsibility among her caught friend. How? She will free them fom the Bergen.

King Peppy, The Trolls King, let her go hardly. By herself, she started the adventure to save her friends. But, secretly Branch followed her. Helped her overcome monsters that appear on the way to the Bergens castle. Could both of them save their friends? Could them make the Bergen understand what the the real happiness?

Watch it by yourself, dear!

I do believe this simple, cute and interesting film could make you understand what the real happiness and how to get it. So, watch it when you have a bad day. Especially Monday. 

Happy watching, everyone!

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