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"I'm done. My stomach is too full."
I think about this article when i said that words to my friends. For your information, a few days ago, I and 9 friends of mine decide to having meal together in one of famous All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Maybe, I'm one of a kind girl that late to try about this serving meal system. As we all know, that this serving meal system is already popular in Indonesia. So does it in another country. But I tried it a few days ago? Hhe. Do not pity on me. It's just about the time.

All-You-Can-Eat serving meal system which is also called buffet, comes from 16th century. said that it originates from Swedish brännvinsbord table which is serve liquor made from grain, potatoes, or wood cellulose. When it's applicated for meal at the first time, it was looked weird and unusual. Cause at the time, having meal is means sit on a big table and having a waitress who serve them.

So how come this system become internationally?

At 1939 on New York World's Fair exhibition, the Sweden have to serve a large number of people. So, they come with this idea. Self serving system. And the system had its prime during the early 18th century and was developed into the more modern buffet around the beginning of 19th century. In a buffet system, a lot of food from hot food, cold food, beverage, even dessert are placed on the table. So you can choose what  you want to eat and how much you want to eat it.
Time pass by, this idea is began to applied in some restaurant. One of a famous buffet in Indonesia is Japanese Restaurant. In the middle restaurant, you would see a big table full with meat, beef, chicken, shrimp, octopus, squid, fish, tempura, etc. Not only that, it also serve a lot of vegetable like cabbage, mushroom, fruit like watermelon, mango, pineapple, bengkoang, apple, water apple, etc. In another table, you would see various kind of beverage like Thai Tea, Cappucino, Green Tea, Orange Juice, Guava Juice, etc.

So, a minute after having a chat for a while, we spontaneusly scattered to pick up the food as much as we can. No command, our instinct as an omnivore ordered ourself to go faster to that big table. Hahha. I'll let you imagine how we become so excited to pick up the food.

"I wanna a lot of beef", "I wanna watermelon", "Oh I wanna that cute shrimp", "I wanna cabbage, i have to eat more fiber", "I wanna taste the Thai Tea, but Cappucino looks delicious too." That kind of word comes to my mind. And in the end, what i did is just walk around the served table with a sparkling eyes and the saliva that is almost dripping. Hahaha. So I decide to go back to our eating table with just fruits in small plate and a glass of cappucino.

Thankfully, my friends didn't do the same thing. They are clever than me. They can took a lot and various food. I saw a bunch of meat, a bunch of cabbage, a bunch of tempura, a various kind of sauces, a bunch of fruits, and many more. Hhi. So i came to eat what they picked up. Hahaha. Sorry, guys.

It was about 30 minutes passed. I felt so full. So damn full so i can eat anymore. My friend who have a dinosaurs stomach said to me, "Come on, we have to eat as much as we can. We have paid handsomely (expensively)." I shook my head. I've given up. But another one said, "Just take a rest for a while and have another round then." I shook my head again. I've given up.

So, what's the point?

Buffet restaurant will let you eat all the food they serve in the main table. But, i'm pretty sure that you won't make it come true. Even, i'm sure you won't eat more than twice of your daily meal portion. Why ?

1. It's not unusual or weird if we walk around and look around something new for us. So, do it in the buffet restaurant. Realize or not, it have 2 weakness : you lost the time to eat and you lost your hunger. When you're walk around, so many desires passing by your mind. "I want this, i want this too, i want that, i want these, i want those, and blablabla..". In the end you just confuse what you want to eat and back to the table with a little food. It happened because you can't control your mind. Hhe..
2. Many buffet restaurant, especially chinese and japanese restaurant, using chopstick instead of fork. Why? Using chopstick make you eat slower than using fork. Eat slower means full faster. Remember tips for diet? One of the famous tips is eat slowly cause it will make your stomach full faster. And it have been proved in some research.
3. The buffet restaurant serve drink in big glasses. As we already know that meat is cheap and water is cheap. So, they serve you big glass. And the next step is you will eat too much water so you can't eat a lot of food.

It's not a sins to go buffet restaurant. But, one thing that you have to think before go there. 
"Is the price worth to the food they serve?"

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