La La Land Movie, A Simple But True

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I'm fallin' in love with this simple but deep movie.

Maybe, it sounds too late to talking, discussing, and chit-chatting about this movie. Yes, i know that clearly. But i think that there is still a lot of people who doesn't watch this movie yet. Like I did. The movie which is directed by super talented director, Damien Chazelle, was premiered at Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2016. And then released in United Stated at December 9, 2016. But i just watched this movie last week, exactly on Saturday night. Hhe..

The movie which is only played in 5 (five) cinemas in United Stated, managed a great success. Mentioned by, this movie grossed $442 million worldwide on a production budget of $30 million. Such a big Return on Investment (ROI), right? Huwooow. Moreover, it achieved a lot of award from some prestigious movie award. See in the picture below, which is took from its official sites.

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This movie has Ryan Gosling as male leading role. Ryan Gosling is Canadian actor and musician. He started his career as a child star o the Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse (1993 - 1995). But he got wider attention in 2004 when he play as a leading role in romantic drama, The Notebook. In La La Land, he took role as Sebastian. A dedicated jazz musician who live in Los Angeles and have a dream to re-awaken jazz. So jazz could love by a lot of people especially young generation. In form of ordinary jazz, without any impovisation or modification.

For the female leading role, they choose Emma Stone. This actress was born in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1988. Her acting career is began in a theater production of The Wind in the Willows in 2000. After that, she relocated to Los Angeles with her mom to get another better chance for her career. Stone got wider attention when she took a leading role in The Amazing Spiderman, 2012, as Gwen Stacy - Spiderman's girlfriend. In 2015, she become one of the world's highest-paid actresses. How about her role in La La Land? in this movie, she took a role as Mia. A girl who want to be an actress so bad because she watch and playing a lot of drama with her aunty in town when she is a little girl.

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Not just that two amazing actor and actress, the producer also presented John Legend, yeah. That awesome singer. He played a role as Keith, Sebastian's friend who already succeed with his jazz career. It's an added value for the audience. Who isn't curious with his acting?

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It began with the story about Mia. Beautiful girl with an obsession to became an actress. She start to feel a little bit disappoint to herself. Cause she already attending some casting for film, reality show, or another kind of acting but she never gets the role. Even just a supporting role. To meet daily needs, she work as a clerk in a small cafe inside Warnerbros Studio.

In another part of Los Angeles, there is Sebastian with the same problem. He is a talented jazz musician, a good pianist, who has a dream to awaken an ordinary jazz. He also wanna take back a jazz cafe cause now it become a samba-jazz. But he has no idea to make his dream come true. He just work as a cafe pianist who has to play such a funny song.

In one night, when Mia is in her way to go home after night party with her friends, she hears Sebastian's playing. It's catch her attention. So she decide to get into the cafe. A few minute passed, Sebastian get bored and play another ordinary jazz song. It make cafe manager angry and fire Sebastian at the time. Mia watch all of this, when she try to say hello. Sebastian ignores her and go away. It's makes Mia hate Sebastian at the first sight.

Who knows the God's plan? In another summer party, Mia meets Sebastian who work in a funny band just to meet his daily needs. After party, they have a short conversation. It's the beginning of their story. After that short conversation, they keep contact. They knowing each other dream, and supporting one another cause they feel they are in the same boat : in a hard way to makes their dream comes true. Mia who already has a boyfriend decide to leave him and stay with Sebastian (i hate this part, actually).

They becoming a happy couple with a big dream in a short time. Day by day, in one night, when Sebastian have a concert in a little jazz cafe, he meets his old friend, Keith. He ask Sebastian for join his band but he said that they can't play an ordinary jazz. The market aren't like jazz, so they play jazz modification. Sebastian thinks that it's the time to make money, so he can take back the mini jazz cafe who turn into samba-jazz cafe.

In other hand, Mia decide to quit from Warnerbros cafe and start her career as a monologue artist. She write the story, direct it by her self, and prepare all the stage needs by herself. It's make her as busy as Sebastian who already succeed with his band. But at the time, Mia feel empty. She lost a big part of her life. There is no Sebastian who always cheer her up. Sebastian's tour schedule is very hectic. He even can't make a call or say hi by messager application. Sebastian has no time at all.

One night, Sebastian goes home for make a surprise dinner for Mia before he came back to tour in another town by tomorrow morning. But what happened is something that they never imagine. They arguing and end up with Mia go out from Sebastian's house.

So how's the end?
Is Mia monologue will be success?
Could they come back together?
Could Sebastian take back the jazz cafe?
Could Mia becoming a famous actress?


So why i love this movie? It's tell me how to love your couple not just when you start the effort to make your dream comes true, but you also have to sincere when your couple is busy to make her or his dream come true. If you give up just because one of you too busy, maybe you can't enjoy the result (the success itself) with the one you love, the one who raise the spirit to makes the dreams come true. But in other hand, we also have to learn about time management. It will help a lot to make your relationship going fine even if the two of you is the busiest person in the world (lol). Let's dream together, let's keep cheer up each other, and see you on top. ^.^

Oh ya, it's a musical drama. So from the start to the end of movie, you can watch Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone singing and dancing. So does John Legend. Yuhuuuu. It's an added value of this movie.

So, i proudly say that it's a must watch musical drama!

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